The Principles in Our Classical Techniques

Note: This article was written from the mainline NGA point of view, prior to the development of Shojin-ryu.

Many students, as they learn the classical techniques of Nihon Goshin Aikido, misunderstand the purpose of these techniques. They may think the classical techniques are for defense, which they are not     [Read more…] “The Principles in Our Classical Techniques”

The Answer

On many occasions, I have heard Steven Weber Sensei (Godan, Nihon Goshin Aikido) speak of those students who seek “The Answer”. …That one absolutely correct response to a given attack, technique, question, or conundrum. On these occasions, he paints a picture of an inexperienced martial artist begging him for the “right way” to respond, rather than thinking the situation through and selecting some appropriate response based upon the circumstances at the moment.     [Read more…] “The Answer”

A Swing and a Miss (by Tom Quinn)

When faced with someone intent on doing you bodily harm in the street, or when training in the dojo, the ability to avoid being hit is a skill well worth developing. There are four basic ways to avoid being hit that are used by virtually every martial art, sometimes and stand alone techniques, but most often, used in combination with one another.

Blocking is the act of stopping an attack from reaching its intended target. When done properly     [Read more…] “A Swing and a Miss (by Tom Quinn)”