Seminars & In-house Training

We provide self-defense training opportunities beyond our regular classes.

Special Workshops and Seminars

We occasionally host special workshops which may be open to the public. We also participate in seminars at other schools in our area. The topics may include basic self-defense, advanced concepts in Nihon Goshin Aikido, training with guest instructors from other arts, and much more. Watch here for announcements of upcoming seminars.

There are no workshops/seminars currently scheduled.

In-house Training and Group Classes

Are you looking for some effective self-defense training for your group or organization? We can customize some training to your needs and time availability. Self-defense is a favorite topic for both corporate and family groups. Contact us for more information.

Private Instruction

Gerry Seymour is available for private instruction on a limited basis, for one or two students at a time (your choice). Private lessons mean you have the exclusive attention of a Senior Instructor, who can tailor the sessions to your needs. This is an effective format for those with prior experience, especially in related or similar arts, who want to dig into some of the techniques and principles of NGA. Contact us for more information.


 Guest Instructor (classes and seminars)

Our chief instructor, Gerry Seymour, is available on a limited basis to serve as a guest instructor at other schools. We believe the martial arts community thrives best when we support each other, so we prefer to set these programs up to benefit your program. Use the contact us page to get things started.

A few of the topics we can help with:

  • Integrating striking and grappling.
  • Developing a self-defense focus for your training (especially useful at competition-oriented schools).
  • Instructor development
  • Building on the principles of an art