The concept of “self-defense”

In some recent discussions, the topic of defining “self-defense” has come up. Different people define it differently, so I want to wrap some concepts within comfortable terminology.

I use a definition of self-defense that is similar to the legal definition. It’s the physical action taken to defend against an imminent physical threat. This is usually     [Read more…] “The concept of “self-defense””

Your Enemies When Fighting (with Bill Mattocks)

This articles is an exchange between Gerry Seymour and Bill Mattocks (see below for information about Mr. Mattocks).

Bill Mattocks’ take:

When you engage in a ‘real’ fight, whether it is voluntary, such as a so-called ‘street fight’, or an actual case of self-defense, you have more enemies than you may realize. Here are some. Feel free to add your own.

1) Your opponent. Obviously.     [Read more…] “Your Enemies When Fighting (with Bill Mattocks)”